Just when you thought the infamous “Russia” conspiracy was about dead, having proven itself time and time again to be much ado about nothing, the fake news media finds something else to prop it right back up like a poor reenactment of “Weekend at Bernie’s.”

In the midst of the Senate’s miraculous passage of the historic tax reform bill, ABC News had to throw another rock at Trump’s House, only for it to bounce right back and shatter their own. The news broke on Friday that former National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn was formally charged by Robert Mueller’s investigation for lying to the FBI. That’s it.

First, this is nothing new. It is well-documented that President Trump fired General Flynn after he lied to Vice President Pence early in the administration, failing to disclose all the details of a meeting between the General and Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak. Trump reiterated the fact in a recent Tweet and had no room for forgiving Flynn of his deceiving the Vice President.

What’s proven further beyond this, is how truly tedious such FBI investigations are. In any such investigation, any misstatement—even if just a honest mistake rather than an intentional lie—can still be called a lie, and be slapped with a criminal charge. You tell an FBI investigator it took you 28 steps to get from Point A to Point B, but if their forensic analysts discover you took only 27 steps, bam. That's a felony charge of lying to the FBI. Congratulations, you just played yourself.

Most telling of all, this was the only lonely charge against the General. No other charges for other possible “crimes” have been announced. Thus, this can be classified as what’s known as a “procedural crime" — a “crime” that was committed over the course of an investigation, rather than an actual crime that occurred prior to the investigation.

Not only does this prove how ridiculously tedious and desperate such investigations can be—going out of their way to find crimes, and if they don’t find crimes, make them up—but it also proves that they have truly nothing else on General Flynn.
This is significant, because for the longest time, many accurately predicted that the likelihood of discovering any legitimate evidence of such “collusion” would rest with the two most suspicious characters with known interactions with the Russians—former campaign manager Paul Manafort and Flynn. As we all know, Manafort—along with business associate Rick Gates—was slapped with over a dozen charges alleging a variety of financial misconduct and shady dealings with Russians and Ukrainians. The catch? Every single crime listed in the indictment occurred prior to 2015—long before Manafort worked for the Trump campaign.

So, just like that, both of the two potential “smoking gun” defendants have turned up with charges pertaining to crimes committed pre-Trump—or “procedural crimes”—that otherwise indicate no wrongdoing whilst working under Trump. In other words, Mueller has nothing on the President. The only other major aspect of this revelation was the report that Flynn was preparing to testify, under oath, that Trump directed him to make contact with the Russians. The FBI statement later confirmed that Flynn was referring to a UN Security Council vote on a resolution concerning Israel. In other words, business as usual.

General Flynn himself issued a statement dismissing the bogus claims of “treason” or “collusion,” or any evidence of such non-existent deeds, while owning up to his mistake of lying to the Vice President. Of course, in the era of Trump, fake news is gonna fake news. ABC was determined to milk this announcement for whatever it was worth, and when their usual left-wing, anti-Trump bias was placed in the hands of one Brian Ross, it was a recipe for disaster.

Brian Ross is no stranger to politically-motivated fake news. He was the same aspiring Pulitzer-winner who falsely claimed that the Aurora, Colorado shooter had links to the Tea Party. So it should come as no surprise when Ross was the mastermind behind one of the biggest mainstream media fails in modern history. In his reporting of the story, Ross claimed that Trump had directed General Flynn to make contact with the Russians as "then-candidate Trump." The problem? Flynn’s own testimony reveals that this contact was ordered after the election, when he was then-President-Elect Trump. Pretty big difference, in case you didn't know.

ABC was forced to retract the story, but it was too late to stop the bleeding. The stock market—which had been soaring on the expectations that the tax cuts would pass the Senate—took a massive hit when ABC’s report broke. Although the market made a decent recovery once the error became known, the damage was done; the DOW Jones fell over 350 points at its lowest point because of the nefarious false report.

Not only has President Trump called out ABC on this costly error, but even fellow mainstream media outlets such as Politico have criticized ABC in the fallout. Appropriately, Ross was slapped with a four-week suspension over the multi-billion dollar error.

In the face of egregious fake news reporting and the unfortunate casualty of war in the stock market, do not be discouraged. This only proves that Friday, December 1, just might have been the turning point for the Trump Presidency.

Not only did his first major legislative win pass through the Senate—an all-encompassing bill that includes tax cuts, lifting of energy restrictions, and repeal of Obamacare’s atrocious individual mandate—but this may also very well be remembered as the day that Mueller’s investigation died. The so-called “smoking gun” had not fired anything. From here on out, aside from the usual chorus of blind shrieking from the media and the alt-left, it’s smooth sailing for the USS Donald Trump and its passengers—the American people.