It has been said that “Society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”

The Preamble to the Constitution echoes this sentiment when it vows to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” And no one in our society today is doing more to plant the trees of tomorrow, for our Posterity, than President Donald J. Trump. The truth is that many of his accomplishments will not sprout and prove their fruitfulness until after he has already left office.

Consider his signature issue: Immigration. With measures such as the building of the wall, and the repealing of DAPA and DACA, President Trump is facing more intense hate and protest from the vitriolic left than ever before. His critics will use these actions to further the false narrative that he is a cruel and uncaring man.
But he is far from it. Indeed, when you take one look at the state of California, it is not difficult to see why these measures are necessary; unfettered illegal immigration only guarantees that millions more will pour in and continue to vote for the big-government policies of the Democratic Party. This trend will only further erode our freedoms and drive the one pro-freedom party—the Republican Party—into irrelevance, just as it has in California.

The travel ban is of a very similar vein. Once again, the mainstream media and the left has baselessly attacked the ban as the all-encompassing, yet meaningless buzzword “xenophobic.” In today’s hyper-partisan world where the media does not even try to shield its bias, even something as sensible as a travel ban on terror-prone countries—as well as Communist dictatorships like Venezuela and North Korea—is considered some kind of bigotry.

But for proof of the success of such policies, look no further than Eastern and Central European countries; countries that have effectively sealed their borders, such as Poland, have already proven the success rate of such restrictions, with reduced terrorist attacks (if any at all), and severely reduced tensions among the various demographics of their nations. President Trump is similarly fighting to ensure a safer and more prosperous future for American citizens, even if he does not receive any appreciation for it.

Consider President Trump’s masterful diplomacy in the Middle East. Most importantly, the President has successfully turned Saudi Arabia from a silent and shaky ally, into a loud and reliable voice for stability. Whether it’s targeting radical Islamic terror in neighboring countries like Qatar and Iran, or lifting restrictions on human rights with in its own borders, the kingdom of Saudi Arabia—persuaded by President Trump—has taken steps unlike any in modern history to ensure stability in the Middle East.

While the Middle East still has a long way to go, these are the crucial first few steps that could change the dynamic of the region for the better. But this too will undoubtedly only begin to prove itself after President Trump leaves office. The last, and perhaps most truly significant, policy that the President is enacting for the future comes in the form of his judicial nominations and confirmations. As CNBC has reported, Trump has already filled more judicial vacancies in his first year than any of the last four Presidents (Bush Sr., Clinton, Bush Jr., and Obama), and his batch of judicial nominees have, on average, been the youngest and most conservative nominees since Reagan’s tenure.

This last one is especially significant because, as is well-known, one of Trump’s biggest roadblocks has been judicial activism from left-wing judges, whether it was his travel ban, his rescinding of DACA, or his ban on transgenders joining the military. This, sadly, is a disease that will most likely plague the Trump Presidency for the entirety of his eight years. However, give it a few more years and perhaps another President or two, and this branch will soon be bearing some very rich fruit. Maybe a decade after the end of Trump’s second term, under a fiercely left-wing Democratic President, it will be these very same judges that

Trump is nominating now who will be blocking their agenda at every level of the judiciary, and providing at least that much relief for conservative Americans. From immigration to the judiciary, you’ll more than likely be very hard-pressed to find a President in modern history who did more than President Trump to fight for the issues of tomorrow, for the good of all Americans, rather than immediate gratification for political gain. As yet another fitting old adage goes: “You don’t truly appreciate something until after it is gone.”