Former FBI Director Jim Comey’s leaks to the press, the bias in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, the Strzok-Page texts, anti-Trump “secret societies” within intelligence agencies, and the damning Nunes memo.

Taken together, it’s tough to escape the conclusion that the “deep state” is real and it doesn’t like President Trump. The president apparently poses enough a threat that an all-star lineup of senior intelligence agency directors, from John Brennan (CIA), Andrew McCabe (FBI), Jim Comey (FBI), James Clapper (DNI), and Michael Hayden (NSA and CIA), have all exploited intelligence assets and relationships in a concerted effort to undermine the Trump Administration.

Most of them certainly seem to be opposed to Trump and to enjoy being in the opposition. Consider Comey’s newfound status as a progressive darling in the “fight for justice.”

But who comprises the rank and file of the deep state, and why are they so opposed to Trump? Historian and columnist Paul Gottfried might have some answers, having lived among “them” in the Beltway bog, which he charmingly describes as “full of smug, striving liberals” in the 1980s.

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