In 2015 and 2016, the Alt-Right saw its popularity and size increase sharply with the rise of numerous commentators who galvanized young right-wingers all over the country.

People like Milo Yiannopoulos, Gavin McInnes, Paul Joseph Watson, Mike Cernovich, Stefan Molyneux, Lauren Southern, and others brought “political incorrectness” to a whole new level, and effectively utilized social media against the backdrop of Donald Trump’s historic victory. With a heavily Nationalist and Populist tone, and rooted in a modified Paleoconservatism updated to fit the 21st century and the rise of the Internet, this movement was promising to be one of the most significant political movements in modern history.

But then, when the egotistical Richard Spencer and his fellow white nationalists stormed onto the scene in November of 2016 to hijack the movement, the more prominent names were forced to disavow the label of “Alt-Right” and move on. Spencer and his acolytes were left to rule their little playground and rewrite the Paleoconservative origins of the Alt-Right into just another white nationalist group, and their antics led to a once-promising movement suddenly dropping in popularity over the course of 2017, culminating in the disastrous Charlottesville riot.

But if grassroots popular support built up the movement in 2015 and 2016, and if out-and-proud racialism and buffoonery severely crippled the movement in 2017, then it will be extreme left-wing pushback, censorship, and deception that could resurrect it in 2018.

In just the last couple of months, the left has been engaging in all-out tripling down on every possible tactic that may eliminate their own credibility and any sympathy that average Americans may feel for them, while also making the Alt-Right look like victims.

One of the current major pillars of the Alt-Right, since Spencer hijacked it, is white nationalism. This, of course, has led to widespread unpopularity and a decline in size due to easily invoking the memory of Hitler and the Nazis. Spencer and others like him were left alone, appearing to be raving lunatics ranting about a white ethno-state. But over the course of the last few months, Spencer and his sycophants just may have found their most effective campaigner ever: the Left.
Quite simply, the ultimate obstacle in Spencer’s path to relevance is the fact that his racialist views are permanently relegated to the fringe, rightfully disavowed by any right-winger who actually matters.

If the opposite end of the race-baiting, identity politics spectrum were to suddenly become mainstream in the rival political party, would that not allow Spencer to make the argument that his views must become mainstream in order to balance the political scales? In other words, if the Democratic Party became an outright, unapologetically anti-white party, could Spencer then argue that the Republican Party must then be forced to counter that?

Of course, there is no denying that anti-white sentiments have been on the rise in the American Left and even in the Democratic Party, but have mostly remained on the fringe due to being easily dismissed as irrelevant individuals. Such cases included a candidate for Chair of the Democratic National Committee vowing to “shut other white people down,” or the former spokeswoman for Bernie Sanders sarcastically shouting “oh my goodness, poor white people” when asked about a white Trump supporter being assaulted by a group of African-Americans.

Instances of these toxic views infecting party leadership were mostly well-kept secrets due to a complacent media, from Huma Abedin’s tenure at a radical Islamic and anti-American journal to Keith Ellison playing footsies under the table with Antifa. And still, these particular cases ultimately managed to avoid the ever-sensitive issue of race... for a while. Former HUD Secretary and potential 2020 Democratic candidate Julian Castro Tweeted about how the “Hispanic vote” could turn Florida, Arizona, and Texas blue by 2024; although this was perhaps the most direct and open statement of the Democrats’ intentions when it comes to illegal immigration, it still did not cross that fine line of obviousness where all cards could be officially put in play. But if Castro’s Tweet was like an angry rotund feminist with a bullhorn shouting in your ear, then Nancy Pelosi’s eight-hour speech on the House floor was the Antifa professor hitting you over the head with a bike lock.

In her record-setting speech, Pelosi endlessly demanded some sort of “action” on the issue of DACA, as she rattled off sob story after sob story about X illegal alien who came to the United States as a three-year-old and, as a result, now deserve more rights and legal protections than American citizens. But through the ranting, the rattling off of names, the pseudo-sympathy, and the abundance of Botox, there was one line that sealed the deal. One line was Richard Spencer’s dream of confirming his fears of a threat to white people. One line just made the Democratic Party, and the mainstream Left, far more dangerous than the Alt-Right could ever dream.

Pelosi claimed that when her six-year-old grandson—whom she derisively describes as “Irish, English, whatever, whatever, and Italian-American”—made his birthday wish, he wished that he “had brown skin and brown eyes.” She says he was inspired to make this wish by one of his friends, a Guatemalan boy named Antonio, whom Pelosi described as having “beautiful tan skin” and “beautiful brown eyes,” heaping praise on Antonio after dismissing her own grandson. She then declared that brown skin is “the face of the future of our country.”

The House Minority Leader, one of the top two national leaders of the Democratic Party, declared on the floor of the House of Representatives that she wants to see “brown” people replace “white” people. She dismissed white people as “whatever” while calling brown people “beautiful.” And just like that, the wet dream of so many white nationalists just came true. While these dolts have rolled around in their own fantasies for years while everyone else dismissed them as insane, they have just found some vindication in the fact that a national Democratic figure just confirmed what they have been “warning” about. And this entire declaration, this vitriolic and racist statement, was made with such smugness and arrogance, as if Pelosi was stating the inevitable rather than declaring her support for what can only be described as Democratic-engineered eugenics.

This madness is not limited to the Democratic Party itself. No, their biggest cheerleaders—Hollywood—has also begun openly reveling in their newfound love of blatant race-baiting and celebrating non-white ethnicities in the most blatant way imaginable.

Consider the new Marvel movie “Black Panther.” You’ve all surely heard about this movie, and know the basic premise. It may sound too simple, but it quite literally is a movie about a black nationalist who is “destined” to rule a black-only African utopia called “Wakanda.” If you were to replace the word “black” with any other skin color, you’d have a tailor-made dream movie for any ethno-nationalist movement. The obvious reference with the main character’s name being the same as the violent racist movement in the 1960’s is just icing on the cake.
And of course, Hollywood was prepared to declare this movie one of the greatest of all time even before it came out. They remain so stubbornly supportive of this film, even though it is just another mediocre comic book movie like the dozens of others before and the dozens of others that will come after it. They so ferociously defend this movie, that they’ve even launched campaigns to ban any negative reviews of the film, calling any criticism “hate speech” or “fake reviews.”

So, a top national Democrat openly calling for replacing white people with brown people? Check. A mainstream movie openly celebrating black nationalism and calling any criticism racist? Check. But the reinforcement of the Alt-Right’s fears just wasn’t enough for the Left on their current streak. They had to go and actively name-check the Alt-Right in another effort to blame them for another act of violence. Thus, enter the high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.
When details were still emerging about the identity and possible motives of the shooter, the Anti-Defamation League falsely reported that he was a member of a group called the Republic of Florida, which the ADL alleges is a white supremacist and “neo-Confederate” group. The rest of the mainstream media followed suit, and it wasn’t long before they were labeling this as the latest act of violence committed by the Alt-Right. As an added bonus, they even got the chance to continue railing on another one of their favorite targets, the Confederate flag.

As if the claim that someone named Nikolas de Jesus Cruz is a white supremacist wasn’t enough cause for doubt, the narrative officially fell apart when it turned out that he had absolutely no links whatsoever to this group. The media nevertheless attempted to backtrack, still claiming that de Jesus Cruz held white supremacist viewpoints on his own, but there was no cleaning up that egg all over the media’s face. Their determination to make this shooting a political talking point against their ultimate boogeyman had failed miserably. All they are left with is a sad repeat of the character assassination tactics that were used against George Zimmerman, in which the media awkwardly labeled him a “white Hispanic.”

Over the course of the last month or so, the Left has been shedding any and all facades that it has been maintaining regarding their true nature, their true intentions when it comes to race. And in the process, the once-fringe rhetoric and views of outright anti-white racial discrimination have become mainstream, promoted by major Democratic leaders and enshrined by the ever-complacent media. They outright declare their intentions to replace whites with minorities, and they spread complete lies in order to tear down their political enemies.

The inevitable end result is that the Alt-Right will have just that much more legitimacy in their claims of a racist and anti-white Democratic Party, while also coming across as more of a victim after being falsely blamed for the Parkland shooting. Most simply, the Left is ensuring a possible resurgence of the Alt-Right in 2018, as a result of their own actions. Their past declarations of “white supremacy” and “neo-Nazis” becoming more prominent in the national political scene could very well come true; and it will be a self-fulfilling prophecy.