With the announcement that Robert Mueller’s investigation has indicted 13 Russian nationals over so-called “meddling” in the 2016 election, it would appear that the Left’s wildest dreams have come true.

But if you read just a bit further than the basic headline, you will find that this announcement actually marks the complete and unquestionable end of the “Russia” conspiracy theory once and for all. When you look strictly at the facts of the indictment, made explicitly clear by Mueller himself and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, it is beyond doubt that the left-wing narrative—the idea that Donald Trump’s campaign somehow “colluded” with Russians to rig the election against Hillary Clinton—is dead and buried forever.

Here are the top five takeaways from the announcement, each serving as a brand new and high-quality nail being driven into the rotten old coffin of this abomination of a conspiracy theory.

5: Before Trump Ran

One of the most glaring details of the indictment announcement is the fact that the alleged scheme involving the 13 Russians was started back in 2014—a year and a half before Trump announced his candidacy.

Funny enough, this isn’t the first time that a supposed “smoking gun” in the Left’s anti-Trump agenda turned out to have gone off long before Trump entered the picture. Let’s not forget that two of the only three indictments against American citizens in this pathetic probe—leveled against former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort and one of his associates, Rick Gates—was based on alleged financial fraud that took place before 2015, before Manafort joined the Trump team.

Once again, any evidence that they can dig up supposedly pointing to an actual crime indicates that such “crimes” took place before Trump was involved, thus proving that he has absolutely nothing to do with any of the charges. Trump himself made sure to remind everyone of this, just in case the media tries to cover up this inconvenient fact.

The first pillar in this house of cards came crashing down.

4: No Impact on the Election

It has been said time and time again; actually attempting to “hack” an American election and change results is next-to-impossible. Just ask Barack Obama. Numerous studies have proven that such tactics, be it by American campaigners or foreign meddlers, have an impact of “zero,” but that hasn’t stopped the Left from pretending it was suddenly easy enough for Russia to steal a whole presidential race.

But those fantasies too have come to a complete end with Mueller’s indictment. In Rosenstein’s press conference revealing Mueller’s findings, he admitted that there was no evidence to support the claim that any of the American election results were impacted by this alleged meddling scheme. President Trump was quick to highlight this point too, just in case some skulls on the Left were too thick to understand it the first time.

Another pillar in the cardboard temple of the “Russia” conspiracy falls.

3: No Americans Involved

Another key point of the Left’s narrative is that a handful of “traitorous” Americans must have been working with the Russians (hence the word “collusion”). To this point, the Democrats and their cronies in the special counsel have gone after several Americans, including Manafort, Gates, and Carter Page.

However, over the many months that this pointless and worthless investigation has been drawn out, numerous top figures in the intelligence community have been forced to admit that there is no evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. Examples include ex-CIA Director John Brennan, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, and former FBI Director James Comey.

Yet somehow, miraculously, all three of these top officials saying the same thing wasn’t enough for the Left. And so, Mueller and Rosenstein had to finally say the obvious in their findings. Rosenstein reported that no American was “a knowing participant” in any of the alleged meddling by the Russian figures in question. President Trump, as reliable as ever, made sure to echo this crucial point too.
A third pillar goes down.

2: Playing Both Sides

What could possibly be more damning to the “Russia” conspiracy theory than revelations that any meddling scheme took place before Trump ran, didn’t affect the election, and didn’t involve any Americans?
The revelation that this scheme was playing both sides of the election, rather than solely supporting Donald Trump. And that development, perhaps the most shocking, is twofold.

First, the indictment report revealed that the Russian forces accused of meddling in the election subsequently organized rallies and riots in the United States after the election. The catch? They simultaneously organized pro-Trump AND anti-Trump demonstrations.

At the same time, the report proves that the election phase of this scheme involved just as much support for Bernie Sanders, during his primary battle with Hillary Clinton, as for Trump during the general election. Simultaneously, these forces went on the offense against Clinton, as well as Republican candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio.

What this proves is that any meddling was not strictly partisan for one candidate or another, but rather, aimed at just sowing discord both before and after the election. The accused allegedly supported the two “outsider” candidates who were seen as threats to the political establishment on both sides of the aisle, while also going after the more “traditional” candidates who were seen as the frontrunners in both parties from the political class. After the election, these same forces organized rival demonstrations both supportive and critical of President Trump, further widening the divide in American political discourse.

It was never about Trump; it was about being an agent of chaos.

1: Trump’s Mind-Blowing Theory

So what could possibly surpass all of these revelations? The collapse of each and every pillar in the Left’s “Russia” dream is just as shocking as the last, and the real curveball that the accused Russians also supported Bernie Sanders definitely took the narrative by surprise.

Of course, it’s none other than President Trump’s own ultimate theory behind this entire ordeal.

On top of his massive whirlwind of successive Tweets covering every key aspect (some of which I’ve already listed) — as well as several targeted attacks on such opponents as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the FBI, and even Adam Schiff—Trump issued one crucial Tweet early in the morning of February 18 which completely, undoubtedly, and absolutely demolished the entirety of the Russia narrative up to this point.

He first prefaced this Tweet with two consecutive Tweets from the Vice President of Facebook Ads Rob Goldman. In these two Tweets, Trump pointed out Goldman’s findings regarding the alleged advertisement buyout by Russian forces, supposedly to influence the election. In Goldman’s own words, “swaying the election was not the main goal,” as most of the ads were bought after the election took place.

With that, Trump dropped this nuclear Tweet. Trump says that “the GOAL of Russia to create discord, disruption and chaos within the U.S.” has already been easily achieved, but not by direct interference in the electoral process. But rather, this chaos has come about as a result of “all of the Committee Hearings, Investigations and Party hatred,” which has “succeeded beyond their wildest dreams.” With this, Trump declares that “They are laughing their asses off in Moscow,” and that America should “get smart.”

Trump just laid it all out for everyone to see; if there was any Russian meddling, it was never intended to disrupt the election, but to create mass hysteria and hyper-polarization within American society, over the fear of possible election disruption. The election was not the meddling, but the aftermath was.

And he’s right. Just like that, millions of minds around the world have been blown; and thousands of leftists’ heads have exploded, for they have been shown to be the true fools that they are. If there truly was any Russian meddling, the Left directly contributed to it by hyperventilating over the specter of the Russians every waking second since the 2016 election.

I. The Autopsy

Never forget where this entire ridiculous “Russia” conspiracy began. It began after Hillary Clinton continued to ramp up her ultra hawkish, borderline-interventionist rhetoric against Russia in the 2016 election, advocating for hostility rather than civility and diplomacy. In the wake of that, Trump made the wild suggestion that we should try talking to them rather than treating them as an enemy.

Out of that apparently unacceptable statement, the Left essentially proclaimed, “How dare Trump? He actually suggested we speak to Russians instead of bombing them?" Obviously, he must be a Russian spy, or something.

That is the origin of this insane theory. And in the aftermath of Hillary’s loss, the Left was in such pure disbelief that it had lost an election they felt entitled to win, that they were all too eager to come up with an excuse. There was no way they could lose fair and square; no, the election must have been “stolen” somehow.

They put two and two together, and somehow got 17. They believed that the only reason their precious lord and savior Hillary Clinton had lost was because Trump and his Russian buddies had somehow stolen an election. Being a relatively unfalsifiable theory, they pursued this one the most relentlessly, but only after they first tried calling for recounts, discrediting the Electoral College, and then trying to convince those same electors to defect and vote for Clinton. Russia was just another excuse that they threw at the wall after the others slid right off; it didn’t stick on its own either, but with the media all too eager to help pin it to the wall, they charged full-speed-ahead on this one anyway.

And therein lies one other crucial factor: The media essentially helped keep this vegetable on life support, to the point where it can be just as easily argued that the whole conspiracy was created by the media. With some outlets like the Washington Post just outright making things up and citing “anonymous sources” to excuse shoddy reporting and journalistic malpractice, the media essentially turned it into a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Through the regurgitative cycle of reporting on reports about reports by “unnamed individuals,” and the almost incestuous relationship between the press and the Democratic Party, they convinced themselves—and many in the gullible public—that it had to be true. They greatly benefited from the fact that the trail was so winding and convoluted that it was impossible to follow back to its original source, which — if anyone did manage to uncover it—would prove what bogus this entire narrative is in the first place.

Perhaps the single greatest, most comprehensive, and most accurate summary of this entire mess of a media narrative can be found courtesy of The Federalist.

II. The Revenge of Michael Flynn

As mentioned above, the rabid proponents of this conspiracy have gone after many good—and innocent—Americans like Carter Page. But perhaps no better man was hurt by this nonsense than the very first victim: General Michael Flynn, a man who has served his country in the noblest way possible, and—we must never forget—is a lifelong registered Democrat.

Although he was forced to resign over a separate and unrelated issue — a simple case of insubordination and dishonesty towards Vice President Pence — the Left has tried on several occasions to paint him as a smoking gun who can take Trump down. More recent efforts, of course, failed miserably; they only resulted in gross misreporting that cost the stock market billions, and all they even got Flynn on was one “procedural crime” that took place over the course of the investigation, rather than an actual crime committed beforehand that warranted investigation.

However, although Flynn’s name has fallen off the radar for the time being, there are still plenty of recent developments that could prove the Democrats right. Michael Flynn could very well bring about the end of the investigation and expose the Democrats as the true criminals.
For this, we must turn to the ever-brilliant and thought-provoking Twitter commentator Thomas Wictor, who has discussed this at great length in two intriguing threads.

In the first thread on February 1, Wictor claims that the release of the Nunes memo—which exposed FISA abuse by the Democrats and the Obama-era DOJ and FBI—was largely just “strategic distraction” by the Trump Administration.

What is it that Wictor claims Trump and his team are trying to distract from? The recent developments that Mueller’s team sought a delay in Flynn’s sentencing, after he was already convicted of one felony count of “lying” to the FBI.

Wictor offers his theory: That this is proof Mueller thinks sentencing Flynn “would not be the right thing to do,” since the primary reason that Flynn was “snared” in the first place was because of the illegally-obtained FISA warrants. Wictor then points out that one major reason any judge would nullify a conviction is if they “find that the evidence was gathered improperly.” To this end, citing the recusal of the judge who convicted Flynn, he makes his prediction that Mueller himself has found—and is investigating—evidence of the FISA abuse by the Democrats.

This, Wictor alleges, is something that the Democrats cannot dispute as easily as they could dispute the Nunes memo, which they wrote off as a partisan hit job; as an article by Investors.com has similarly claimed, Democrats may come to sorely regret Mueller’s investigation when it turns to Democratic ties to Russian officials and business interests instead of Trump’s.

Doubling down on this theory in a second thread on February 14. In it, he highlighted an even more recent development in which Mueller requested that all evidence used against Flynn be shared with his legal team. Wictor asserts that this is further proof of Mueller believing that this evidence was obtained illegally, and that Flynn and his team had a right to share this information with anyone else who may have been wronged by the abuse of the FISA warrants. This only ensures that the abuse of the FISA warrants will be further investigated and exposed, meaning that it will only be a matter of time before the Obama-era officials who are guilty of this abuse must face the music.

It is a very elaborate theory, but one that makes a lot of sense when studied closely and contrasted with recent developments after the release of the memo.

So, while the “Trump-Russia collusion” chapter of this saga has finally come to an end, it appears that the “Democrat-Russia collusion and illegal surveillance” chapter may just be beginning. The blindsided Democrats could soon find themselves as the new targets of Mueller’s investigation, and the wrath of the law.