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Reject the ‘March for Our Lives’

The March for Our Lives was nothing more than political theater. Young, would-be social activists and their handlers seized upon the trauma of our society in an effort to undermine, subvert, and destroy our laws, institutions, and principles. It’s as simple as that.

Progressives know they cannot win the rhetorical or intellectual battle with actual arguments, so they turn instead to soapboxing on tragedy. Knowing that they can’t simply remove the laws, traditions, and institutions that form our society, they seek instead to use emotion to shift control over the meaning of these laws, traditions, and institutions. The vehicle for this power shift is a loud and demanding form of social activism that seeks to overwhelm the public with rapid-fire media hits. One might even call it, as Joe Long did here at American Greatness, “Full Semi-Auto Activism.”

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Pedro L. Gonzalez

Pedro L. Gonzalez

Pedro is the editor of Shield Society. His articles have appeared in Chronicles, the Washington Examiner, The Daily Caller, American Greatness, and elsewhere.

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