As my colleague Pedro Gonzalez wrote for American Greatness, it is reprehensible that the radical left and anti-gun lobby are propping up students as political puppets in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

But what’s worse is the broader trend of what the left is trying to legitimize: the youth are somehow more politically savvy and fit to lead than adults. First, it must be emphasized, it has long since been confirmed that this so-called “grassroots” movement is the most obviously-manufactured left-wing movement since the “Occupy” riots. As Rush Limbaugh suspected and The Federalist eventually revealed, the student group “Never Again MSD” has risen to prominence not by the wonder of social media, nor because this motley crue of 16- and 17-year olds suddenly banded together and became activism experts overnight.

No, this group fortuitously found support in a number of high-profile leftist groups and figures, including disgraced former DNC chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, the American Federation of Teachers, Congressman Ted Lieu (D-Fla.), Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, and the insidious Women’s March—led by the anti-Semitic and anti-American Islamist Linda Sarsour. The infrastructure, the spokespeople, and the money were all there, but just needed a new, young face for garnering sympathy; one that could claim close personal ties to the shooting and its victims, and thus essentially cancel out criticism by accusing those were anti-gun of being against the survivors, and ignorant of their “sorrows.” And in students like David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, who were clearly already left-wing and all-too-eager to become puppets for the anti-gun lobby, they found their latest political props.

But with these facts about the astroturfing of these latest anti-Second Amendment demonstrations coming to light, the media has been more desperate than ever to bring the focus back to the kids in question. And therein lies the disgusting new trend of idolizing not just kids, but ignorant kids. CNN has declared that these kids are “proof” that the voting age should be lowered to 16, which speaks for itself. And then you have this atrocious moldy rag of an article from the New York Times, which might be summed up as an angry old man wishing that he was young again, perhaps so that he too could be achieving the levels of fame that David Hogg and his cohorts have attained so effortlessly.

In, “Go Ahead, Millennials, Destroy Us,” Tim Kreider may as well be dropping to the feet of these 17-year-olds and groveling, he endlessly heaps undeserved praise on them. Kreider's language at times sounds like the hyperbolic ravings of a madman, as he describes the students as “veterans coming home from the bloody front of the NRA’s de facto war on children.” Kreider writes off those who correctly call transgenderism a mental disorder, who think “climate change is a hoax” (spoiler alert: it is), and ridicules those who think that “socialism means purges and re-education camps.” No wonder Kreider praises ignorance—he clearly flunked history. He cheers on these kids trying to strip away our rights and our values, including “disfiguring” and “foot-binding” gender roles and “the savage theology of capitalism,” and gives lip-service to the asinine notion that “America has always been a violent nation,” founded upon “genocide.”

But do not be fooled by the media’s collective echo chamber. Just as they confirmed each others’ reports by declaring that the allegations against Roy Moore were “credible” (never mind that there was approximately zero evidence behind them whatsoever, and half of them were outright debunked), so too are they confirming their own claims that these kids are somehow “mature,” and “smart,” and “experts” on the latest issues. Just as with Judge Moore: where’s the proof? Where’s the proof that these kids are experts? Where’s the proof that these kids know the way?

When it comes to Emma Gonzalez, her very first statement that made her famous in the first place should immediately bring her perception of reality into question: “They say good guys with guns stop bad guys with guns. We call BS!” Can someone please remind Emma here that the shooting she survived was ultimately stopped by good guys with guns? That’s about as ignorant as claiming that emergency workers don’t save people from hurricanes, or that firefighters don’t put out fires.

The zeroing in on the NRA sure doesn’t seem to indicate that this movement is knowledgeable of the strength (or lack thereof) of the pro-Second Amendment lobby. Despite all the endless railing against the NRA as some giant evil octopus, with its tentacles wrapped around every level of government, the numbers just don’t add up. The NRA is not even among the top 50 lobbying groups funneling money into our political system. At the top of this list, the #1 spender is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which spent over $82 million in 2017. And at the opposite end, in #50, is the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers, which spent just over $8 million in 2017.

How much did the NRA spend in 2017? Just over $5 million. But of course, the media does not hesitate to try to make that sound as insidious as possible, reporting that the NRA saw an increase in spending in the first quarter of 2017—which means that it spent over $2 million in that quarter, after consistently spending less than $1 million every single quarter prior to that. Despite the fact that even with the unprecedented support of massive left-wing organizations, the complacency of the media, and the soapbox of social media and its army of blue check marks, these so-called “activists” have yielded no results whatsoever. The NRA and other pro-Second Amendment groups have seen their membership numbers spike.

Even their signature “March for Our Lives,” championed by sycophantic celebrities and funded by shadow money from Soros-funded groups and other disreptuable sources, fell well below expectations; while reports predicted a turnout of 800,000—roughly 100,000 less than the crowd size for President Trump’s inauguration—the actual turnout was one-fourth of that expectation, at 200,000. All the march accomplished was, again, causing NRA membership enrollment to spike. Companies that attempted to appease these kids and punish the NRA by cutting ties with them, like Delta Airlines, have faced swift retribution.

And these activists, supposedly bringing about “change” (sound familiar?), are currently 0-3 in their own home state of Florida. The Florida legislature has rejected two separate bills aimed at banning “assault weapons,” while approving a third bill that would arm teachers in public schools. These latter cases have only resulted in the so-called activists exposing themselves for what they really are—petulant brats, who realized that their tears are not going to make American citizens give up their rights.

On top of the fact that these students have shown complete ignorance of firearms, firearm policy, and the true level of influence of the pro-Second Amendment lobby, their grasp of other subjects is questionable. A cursory look through the esteemed David Hogg’s Twitter reveals a variety of misspellings, including: “politicians” as “politions,” “supposed” as “spossed,” “probably” as “prolly,” and “doubt” as “dought,” among many, many other egregious examples. And people make fun of President Trump’s Twitter usage.

As if that wasn’t enough proof that Hogg is not very self-aware, there is also the rather embarrassing trend of him repeatedly making rather questionable choices in the aesthetics he is using to promote this movement. For example, there was the time that he and his sister Lauren made black and red armbands to “symbolize” this new movement. However, the the image of Hogg wearing one such dark armband over a white dress shirt only ended up resembling a very different type of aesthetic. As if accidentally invoking Third Reich imagery once wasn’t enough, Hogg did it again with his awkward and stiff salute at the end of his “March for Our Lives” speech, which drew widespread ridicule on social media for the equally-obvious resemblance.

Hogg has also proven to be among the most intellectually dishonest activists in the left today. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Trump compassionately hosted a town hall at the White House, featuring survivors and families of victims of the Parkland shooting and other mass shootings. It was an honest, intelligent, and open discussion where the president truly connected with his people.

Among those not in attendance? David Hogg. After constantly sounding off on Twitter against Trump and demanding to speak to him on gun control, Hogg was finally presented with a chance to meet the president within days of the shooting, and speak his mind at long last. Instead, Hogg declined the chance and retreated to his safe space; the echo chamber that is CNN, and its atrocious anti-Second Amendment town hall that featured an audience stacked with leftists, ready to cheer Hogg and boo gun rights advocates like Dana Loesch. The true agenda were clear, as Greg Gutfeld pointed out on Twitter:

Hogg wanted nothing more than to spew a bunch of buzzwords and be showered with more praise and hurrah rhetoric, rather than having a legitimate, intelligent debate. He repeated this same song a few days later, when he tried to act tough by challenging Alex Jones of InfoWars to a debate. When Jones actually accepted his offer and said he would make arrangements for the debate to happen, Hogg immediately backed out. Once again, as Thomas Wictor has pointed out again and again, this kid wants praise and fame, not an actual conversation.

But of course, where better for these kids to reveal their ignorance and vanity than on Bill Maher’s show? In an interview with David Hogg and another leader of NAMSD, Cameron Kasky, Hogg expanded on his reasoning for not attending the White House town hall—“there were funerals the next day, there was mourning we still had to do.”

So, Hogg expects Americans to believe that mourning and funerals prevented him from going to the White House town hall, but not the CNN town hall that was on the exact same day? Or, perhaps, is it more likely that he simply used the mourning and the funerals as an excuse to avoid talking to the one man who can actually initiate true change and movement on this issue? Is this due to Hogg being blinded by his anti-Trump hatred, or because his ignorance and lack of real solutions would be exposed? Either way, this is even more concrete proof that Hogg is standing on the graves of slain children to advance his own fame and his own agenda.

Hogg further reminded everyone of how self-interested he is, declaring that “We don’t need to listen to President Trump. President Trump needs to listen to the screams of the children and the screams of the nation.” On top of proving that in the world of David Hogg, everything everywhere is all about David Hogg, he virtually admitted that he and his fellow “activists” just want to “scream” rather than talk. That’s a solid plan.

But surprisingly enough, Hogg was upstaged for once during the course of this circus, by none other than Kasky. Kasky delivered perhaps the most surreal line yet to be spoken by any of these anti-Second Amendment puppets: “We’ve been locked in a classroom. We have seen our friends text their parents goodbye. We are the experts.”

Really? Surviving a tragedy makes you an expert? Surviving a mass shooting makes you an expert on guns? Interesting. By this logic, those who lost their homes in the recent hurricanes are meteorologists, and those who have been hacked in recent security breaches against companies like Yahoo must be cyber-security experts. That only makes sense, right?

Make no mistake, these kids are not mature, not honorable, and certainly not intellectually-inclined or politically-informed. But the left doesn’t care. Their push to idolize the youth rings all the same hollow notes as their swan song of “diversity.” There is no greater legitimacy in uninformed and anti-Constitutional views just because they are expressed by young people, just as there is no inherent value in “multiculturalism” for diversity’s sake.

If anything, this newfound “political affirmative action” for young people just on the basis of being young is even more dangerous, because it is actively demanding that we listen to naive teenagers who comprise Generation Tide Pod, and take their advice when it comes to matters of governing our society. It asks for kids who don’t understand our laws, to dictate our laws. It promotes opportunists who will stand on a dozen graves for a few followers on social media. It rejects critical thinking and rational discussion, in favor of buzzwords and meaningless platitudes. It embraces caricatures and denies reality. And it proclaims emotions are more important than constitutionalism, individual rights, or the heritage of this nation.

Just as the endorsement of the LGBTQ movement has seen Christians persecuted in American courts, and the mainstream acceptance of transgenderism and pedophilia has yielded alarming trends, this idolization of naive, radical left-wing youth will lead America down a dangerous path. If Americans rationalize and legitimize the radical rhetoric of children—calling for an outright abolition of the Second Amendment—then they are opening the door for legitimizing extremist actions. Lest we forget, an overwhelming majority of Antifa rioters around the country are Millennials, mostly college students. Soon enough the mainstream left will start idolizing them too… at least more so than they already are.

Once more, I will echo my friend Pedro Gonzalez, for the closing of his aforementioned piece is every bit as appropriate now as it was then: “Americans need to stand their ground. They need to remain the adults in the room, and not be afraid to tell their kids, ‘No.’”