IN MARCH, AMERICANS braced for the nationwide “March for Our Lives,” and what they witnessed was the latest battle in the culture war, with children paraded through the capital as nouveaux Jacobins.

“This is the beginning of a revolution,” declared anti-Second Amendment activist David Hogg, a teenage peddler of leftist propaganda who has taken on the role of Little Robespierre for his puppeteers at MSNBC and the DNC.

The March for Our Lives movement was from the outset anything but organic or grassroots, and those $500,000 donations from our moral betters in Hollywood to the organizers of the march should be the most obvious red flag.

The children of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Flor- ida, were the victims of a heinous crime, one that progressives were quick to seize as a means to advance their long-held agenda. Corporate media curated the victims willing to sing along with the anti-Second Amendment chorus, while casting out survivors of the shooting who refused to stick to the script. Americans are much less familiar with Kyle Kashuv and Colton Haab—both pro-Second Amendment Parkland survivors, and the latter an ROTC student who protected dozens of his classmates during the Parkland shooting—than they are with the well-rehearsed antigun student activists.

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