Gustavo Arellano is not that smart. He presents a case study into the victim mentality of La Raza. Arellano, if you don’t know him, is the former publisher and editor of OC Weekly in Southern California.

I first read him in the Los Angeles Times in 2006 with a piece called “Raza Isn’t Racist” which was a snippety, neurotic, and anecdotal ode to the race-based ideology that has debilitated Latinos.

I was curious, then, why Arellano didn’t devote more time to delving into “Raza” as an ideal, considering the term was expressly designed as a “superior race” concept fostered by the “mixture of Spanish and Indian races.” It turns out, Arellano is a Chicano unconcerned with fact.

“Sending troops to the border not only violates American law,” Arellano now writes in response to President Trump’s decision to augment the Border Patrol with the military “it is the least politically savvy play the president could make.”

If Arellano was half as sharp as the Los Angeles Times assures us he is, he would know that sending troops to the border is within the scope of the president’s authority. Then again, anger can impede cognitive abilities.

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