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American Pravda Wins Pulitzer Prize

The New York Times just won a Pulitzer Prize for “public service.” I’ve never met this “public” to whom the New York Times has provided some great service.

Perhaps that is unfair. After all, the last article I read in the Gray Lady was actually enlightening.

I had just finished my cultural enrichment with “The Myth of the Criminal Immigrant,” a masterpiece by Anna Flagg, and was set to edify the unenlightened wretches I call friends with the knowledge that “immigration does not increase crime,” when I was informed that a colleague’s home had been raided by the FBI!

My colleague (who will remain unnamed) rolled awake to a team of plainclothes agents pointing guns at him. They politely asked for a word. The agents revealed that my colleague’s father-in-law had unknowingly hired a mechanic who makes most of his “hard-earned” cash as a narcotraficante—not exactly the contribution to GPD we were promised from mass immigration.

Why would I assume that a notorious narco is likely either to be an immigrant or second generation? Call it informed prejudice.

Read the full article in American Greatness.

Pedro L. Gonzalez

Pedro L. Gonzalez

Pedro is a Mount Vernon Fellow of the Center for American Greatness and the editor of Shield Society.

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American Pravda Wins Pulitzer Prize
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