The worst thing about the whole Roseanne Barr Twitter fiasco? It has provided the perennially pouting crew at CNN with fresh material over which to slobber. No, seriously. What’s the big deal? Roseanne shouldn’t have compared Valerie Jarrett to an ape, because no matter how harmless, or accurate, or rude, or funny that may have been, a backlash was guaranteed.

Monique Judge, a writer for The Root, was quick to wag her finger at all who dared to doubt Roseanne wasn’t a closeted Klan member. The problem for Judge is that she is guilty of the same offense, only she opted for “monkey” rather than “ape.”

“Ben Carson is a monkey of the porch variety,” tweeted Judge in 2017. When tweeters pointed out Judge’s unmistakably racist remark, she doubled down and cried racism to herself on top of it. Judge kept her job.

Here Arnold was angry at Owens for championing blacks who refuse to be pawns of the Left. And here is the double standard: Roseanne loses her job over a bad joke, while Arnold gets a spot on CNN—after having told a black woman to “suck a racist d—k”—simply because he is ideologically aligned with the Left.

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