From the June 2018 issue of Chronicles.

Is Marxism Dead?

If the average citizen of a Western society were asked that question, it seems to me he would readily answer that Marxism is indeed a very dead idea surviving only in improbable boondocks like North Korea or Cuba, and even there losing ground, as has been happening in the last great country still nominally communist: China. The horrors of the communist era have unraveled. Nowadays, few would disagree with the idea that communism is the black death of our times, the scourge that can be credited with the destruction of millions of human lives.

All the more so as it is now obvious that Marx’s pseudoscientific analysis of history, in general, and the development of Western societies, in particular, have been proved essentially wrong. To stick to some of the most sacred dogmas, the supposed inner contradictions of capitalism have not had the foreseen outcome, if they ever had any substance to start with. The Western proletariat on the whole has not been affected by constant impoverishment, and entrepreneurs have managed to prevent the supposed tendency for their profits to dwindle. Who then can doubt Marxism has passed its zenith and is doomed to be discarded in the dustbin of history?

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