Two men decided to take a knee during President Trump’s “Celebrate America” event at the White House this week. Those men were booed, and rightly so.

Of course, the incident stems from the larger problem of overpaid athletes having confused their skill at athletics with the achievement of erudition or wisdom. In a league where so many acts of domestic violence go unpunished, yet it still manages to account for 48 percent of arrests for violent crimes among athletes, should Americans sincerely look to the NFL as a beacon of moral authority?

In truth, there is little to support the claims of systemic police enmity toward minorities. So little, in fact, that race panderers, who once celebrated the implementation of police body-cams, are now crying for a recall of the surveillance tech. Now progressives claim “police body cameras can threaten civil rights of black and brown people,” because body camera “footage review can unduly inflate officer credibility.” In other words, body cameras have been effective in thoroughly discrediting the Black Lives Matter narrative, so they’ve got to go.

Facts of the Matter

What exactly are they kneeling for, then? Do they kneel because police kill more blacks than whites? Well, that can’t be.

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