Last summer, I had just arrived in Germany and was settling in at my family’s home when news of a yet another Muslim attack flashed across our television screen.

The murderer, a 26-year-old Palestinian, had walked into a grocery store minutes from where I was sitting, plucked a knife from a shelf, and stabbed to death a random German shopper while shouting praises to Allah. Six more Germans were wounded before the attack ended.

German media, of course, were quick to show footage of a few refugee bystanders who assailed the attacker with chairs until police arrived. Before German politicos could fully celebrate the “good refugees” and play down yet another incident of Muslim-on-Westerner violence, an Iraqi man gunned down the doorman of a nightclub in Konstanz, nine hours away from where the German shopper had been murdered, then proceeded to shoot into the disco with an automatic weapon.

European media assured the public that the shooter was in fact not an asylum seeker, but rather an Iraqi citizen who was “believed to have lived in Germany for a long time” and that the shooting was unrelated to Islam. Here the spin inadvertently confirmed that people from the Islamic world aren’t assimilating into the West. Of much less concern, however, was how the shooter managed to smuggle an automatic weapon into a country with strict gun control.

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