The conformist nature and indiscriminate animus exhibited by the hive mentality of the anti-Trump brotherhood is a marvel to behold. Future students of abnormal psychology will vie with political historians to take the measure of this exercise in narcissistic virtue signaling and cult-like tribal futility.

The phenomenon would be risible if it were not so pathetic. President Trump goes from victory to victory. A partial list of his triumphs includes the rising stock market, indices of economic growth, consumer confidence, unemployment figures, to say nothing of the president’s judicial appointments, reform of the regulatory environment, and bold diplomatic initiatives. And yet the brethren act as if the president is some unique stain on the escutcheon of America’s honor.

And it is not just the president himself who is declared toxic. Everyone and everything associated with him is judged ritually polluted. How extraordinary, for example, that people who work for the president are hounded in public restaurants and harassed at their homes. The insanity, to say nothing of the brutish incivility, is breathtaking.

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