Five days after the Helsinki summit I am inclined to believe that President Donald Trump either knows exactly what he is doing—that there is uncanny finesse and foresight behind his bluster—or else that he is guided by an almost unfailing intuition, with similar results.

Trump’s refusal to parrot the Intel-deepstaters’ “Russiagate” narrative at last Monday’s press conference is a case in point. That refusal was perfectly justified, on factual as well as political and moral grounds. No evidence of any kind exists to prove Russian meddling in 2016, or thereafter. It never will be found, because Podesta’s and DNC mails were leaked, not hacked. The Meddling Myth is simply a tool the Deep State has used since December 2016 to torpedo Trump’s attempt at détente with Moscow. Its operatives saw it, rightly, as a threat to the maintenance of the neolib-neocon system of full-spectrum global dominance. It was right and proper for Trump to refuse to grand credibility to this narrative

The establishment went berserk. The key author of the Russiagate Lie John Brennan accused Trump of high crimes and misdemeanors. Commentators, politicians and former officials mentioned treason, blackmail, KGB Kompromat. The reaction has been so utterly unhinged, in fact, that it may be yielding unexpected results.

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