It is important to remember it is possible to make the  distinction between legal immigrants and illegal aliens without demonizing illegal aliens. We should not fear making that distinction, because there is a gradation in the severity of crime. The difference  between murder and theft, for example.

Illegal aliens are law-breakers by definition, but that does not make them bad people per se. Of course, they are not one and all violent criminals, but correctly  identifying them as “illegal aliens” does not in itself imply as much.

The political question of whether they are deported or punished for  unlawful presence in the United States is the reality of living in a nation of laws. Though some people’s stomachs turn at the thought of enforcing immigration law, it is important to remember that the  effective application of the law is a critical distinction between the U.S. and Mexico. After all, Mexico is the most dangerous conflict zone in the world outside of Syria, with some Mexican states more deadly than Afghanistan. In the news recently, the morbid discovery of eight bodies in Cancun prompted yet another travel advisory.

One can say what one wants of the American system, and there are  plenty of valid criticisms to be made, but it is not as inveterately corrupt and ineffective as Mexico’s.

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