As frequently as Vox comes to the defense of America’s worst criminals,  one should be accustomed to the steady stream of misinformation churned  out by these self-appointed “news explainers.” What followed from Vox after Mollie Tibbetts’ murderer turned out to be an illegal alien, however, warrants a response.

German Lopez, a writer for Vox, asks us to put aside our pain and our anger at the murder of yet another American citizen at the hands of an illegal alien. After accusing Fox News of being no less misleading than Vox, Lopez condescendingly reminds us to not “lose sight of the bigger  picture” and remember most of all: “In the U.S., immigrants are much  less likely to commit crimes than their native-born peers.”

What is implied above is that white American citizens are more likely  to commit crimes than their brown noncitizen counterparts. Vox, after all, is a rabidly anti-white rag that has joined other Jacobin sheets (Salon, Slate, HuffPost) in defending Sarah Jeong’s incorrigible anti-white racism. But I digress. What Lopez  surely knows is that crime rates vary by race and ethnicity.

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