At the Huffington Post, columnist Antonio De Loera-Brust loudly identifies as a “first-generation Mexican-American filmmaker, writer, and son of Mexican immigrants.” Because of that, we’re told, he is entitled to pronounce the use of tear gas at the border on would-be invaders as an injustice of the highest order.

This sort of  special pleading makes him a kind of poster boy for the  culturally  insecure Latinos who form the rank and file of La Raza.

For De Loera-Brust, repelling illegal aliens through non-lethal means  is not  an act of law enforcement or an act of self-defense, even though federal agents were struck with stones by the group. Rather, De  Loera-Brust writes, it was a sinister “attempt to drive away a large group of migrants protesting for their right to seek asylum.” When those migrants turned violent, it was merely “a last resort for those who have been barred from entering by every legal channel.”

In De Loera-Brust’s telling, we Americans easily could take in all of the foreign nationals now besetting us “with compassion,” if only white Americans didn’t “fear  the prospect of more of us.” A first-generation Mexican-American immigrant referring to Central Americans as “us” and “we,” in the same breath that he vilifies his own white countrymen, is in itself an argument against mass immigration.

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