by Ian R. Henderson

With the midterms over and the Democrats now in control of the US House of Representatives, outrage continues over alleged Russian collusion by President Trump to assure his 2016 victory.

Despite the Mueller probe seeming to wind down, sense of Russiaphobia has taken the American conscience for a ride. Among the cries of foreign interference, there is one nation that the Democrats seems to completely dismiss: China. Its influence has rapidly spread over the globe and has even expanded to the US. Chinese acquisition of Western companies has led to the slow push of pro-Chinese propaganda though purchased subsidiary companies by influencing newsand social mediato include more Chinese cultural references as a means of subliminal messaging to Americans to influence our perceptions of China in a positive light. Many Americans are completely unaware of how entrenched China has become in the US. What follows is a number of methods China has been utilizing to undermine America’s sovereignty.

2018 Midterms

Evidence showing that China meddled in last year’s midterm elections, culminated in October when DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielson testified before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. She stated that China was engaged in an unprecedented influence campaignleading up to the November midterms. Around the same time, Vice President Pence also warned of Chinese interference stating “The Chinese Communist Party is rewarding or coercing businesses, movie studios, universities, think tanks, scholars, journalists, and local, state, and federal officials.” While the Democrats continue their never-ending witch-hunt to try and pin Russian interference in the 2016 US election to President Trump, they conveniently ignore a much greater threat to American security, because it will benefit them.

Chinese Real Estate Investment

In recent years, we have seen a high number of wealthy Chinese purchasing properties in affluent or middle-class communities in the US and driving up the cost of living as a result. This leads to locals to be driven out, while wealthy Shanghai business types make space to develop Chinese enclaves.  A 2015 New York Times article reported the impact that wealthy Chinese home buyers were having on the real estate market, helping prop up local economies in the midwest, but affecting the affordability and availability of housing for native residents in areas like New York and San Francisco. [Chinese] have had a disproportionate impact on the market for more expensive properties, buying one in 14 homes sold for more than $1 million. [Chinese buyers pay an average of] $831,800 for a home, more than three times as much as Americans spend.” The article continues, “Some Chinese are buying homes purely as investments, capitalizing on surging rents. Others are trying to move their money beyond the reach of the Chinese government. The wealthy are hoping for green cards, joining with developers to take advantage of a federal program that fast-tracks them for residency.”

All of this points to the development of Chinese enclaves in which the residents don’t assimilate to the melting pot of American culture. Instead, their children are raised with Chinese values in a Chinese community. These new immigrants aren’t here to become American, but to be Chinese in America. They have no intentions of adapting to our Judeo-Christian values and our Greco-Roman political system based on the rule of law.  This ultimately leads to hostility between the wealthy Chinese that move in and the local residents who are pushed out. Bear in mind, the Chinese immigrants coming to America today aren’t the same that came during the late 1800’s to work on the railroads.  The mean household income for Chinese in the US stood at $77,136 in 2017, well above the national average of $60,336 . The vast majority of Chinese immigrants in 21stcentury are not “tired, poor huddled masses yearning to breathe free” they are wealthy, elitist corporate types looking to exploit US markets and industries, or attempting to take their wealth away from being taxed by the Chinese Government.

Pregnancy Tourism

Another trend is developing by the same group of wealthy Chinese: pregnancy tourism. There are numerous cases of affluent Chinese women on tourist visas travelling to the US to give birth to their children. Knowing our birthright citizenship laws, these women will come in the latter end of their pregnancies, stay in luxury environments with their schedules pre-planned for them while they await to give birth to their anchor babies. Upon doing so, they apply for visa status to care for their “American” child. In March of 2015 in Irvine, California, at a luxury property called the Carlyle, Homeland Security raided a criminal ring that housed pregnant Chinese women who would pay between $40,000 and $80,000 for this treatment.  The criminal ring in question went by the name of “You Win USA Vacation Resort”. This birth tourism service would coach pregnant Chinese women to lie about their travel plans and to wear loose clothing to hide their pregnancies and were promised Social Security numbers and US Passports for their babies before flying home. This is only one of dozens of cases like this discovered in that year alone.

Chinese Student Associations

A largely unknown major concern for national security has been Chinese Student Associations at American universities. These on-campus organizations, led mainly by Chinese nationals on student visas, are under the watchful eye of the Chinese Communist Party, even here in the US. Many work in tandem with the Communist Party to promote pro-Chinese agenda in American Universities. This was highlighted in a New York Times article posted May 2017. The article states, “The groups have worked in tandem with Beijing to promote a pro-Chinese agenda and tamp down anti-Chinese speech on Western campuses. At Columbia a decade ago, the club mobilized students to protest a presentation about human rights violations in China, urging them to “resolutely defend the honor and dignity of the Motherland.” At Duke, the group was accused of inciting a harassment campaign in 2008 against a Chinese student who tried to mediate between sides in a Tibet protest. More recently in Durham, England, the group acted at the behest of the Chinese government to censor comments at a forum on China-Hong Kong relations.

Many of these Chinese Student associations have even been accused of spying on behalf of the Chinese Government. In an interview with the Epoch Times in 2014, Paul Williams of Black Ops Partners, a firm that does counterintelligence, protection of trade secrets and competitive advantage for Fortune 500 companies, stated “Our nation is overwhelmed. The problem is too big.” Williams has stated that through their counterintelligence operations, Black Ops partners has found that “if you can groom them in college” then they can be used to gain access to research universities. After college, he added, “You can pick those students then follow their careers into corporate America” Essentially, the Chinese Government can work spies recruited in college into positions in research, government agencies, or major US companies. This security threat has led White House Senior Advisor Stephen Miller to push for an end to Chinese student visas. This has all culminated in the recent revelation that over 30 US companies, including Amazon and Apple have been infiltrated by Chinese spy chips as tiny as a grain of salt.

This gradual exploitation of the US by China, its proxy companies and wealthy citizens has been overlooked or ignored by Americans until recently. If we continue to neglect these methods being used against us by China, we may come to regret it.