Chronicles Magazine

While most opinion magazines grow stale once the candidates or policies they have backed fade away, Chronicles speaks to our time and to future generations. By examining current events from the perspectives of history, theology, literature, and philosophy, Chronicles provides a timeless magazine, the arguments in which are made with clarity, grace, and wit. In several areas of critical importance to the United States and to Western civilization, Chronicles claims unrivaled prescience. Help keep Chronicles alive for the next generation by subscribing to their monthly magazine.


American Greatness

American Greatness aims to be the leading voice of the next generation of American conservatism. It is not just that other journals have become unmoored from the principles of free government or calcified in their thinking; it is that they were founded on principles that were either insufficient or in conflict with the timeless principles of the American Founding. Help American Greatness cover the cost of its operation by subscribing for a small fee.

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