Dying Light: Europa's Rage Against the Infidel

Dying Light: Europa's Rage Against the Infidel

In George Orwell's 1984, it is a dangerous thing to let your thoughts wander, as the state criminalizes what it "deems libel, slander, defamation or incitement," through censorship on all media platforms. In public or in private, the state will not tolerate what it deems "thoughtcrime."

In venerating itself as the arbiter of acceptable speech, the state deploys thought police into all facets of media who are authorized to swiftly punish thought criminals. Within 24 hours of offending, subjects of the state are liable to be dragged out of their homes and imprisoned for thoughtcrime. More than just undercover enforcers, the thought police act as the unseen hand of the state, directing all political and cultural discussion in the direction approved by the state. 

The worst part of Orwell's dystopian state? It came true — most of what I wrote above is taken from a troubling report by Judith Bergman on a new law in Germany.

A new German law introducing state censorship on social media platforms came into effect on October 1, 2017. The new law requires social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, to censor their users on behalf of the German state. Social media companies are obliged to delete or block any online “criminal offenses” such as libel, slander, defamation or incitement, within 24 hours of receipt of a user complaint  regardless of whether or the content is accurate or not. Social media companies receive seven days for more complicated cases. If they fail to do so, the German government can fine them up to 50 million euros for failing to comply with the law.

Michael Stürzenberger and the historical photo he was imprisoned for posting on Facebook. (PI News video screenshot/Gatestone Institute)

Bergman's report includes a segment about Michael Stürzenberger, a German journalist who was recently sentenced to six months in jail. His crime? Posting a photo of the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem, Haj Amin al-Husseini, meeting with a senior Nazi official in 1941, Berlin. During World War II, al-Husseini collaborated with the Nazis to produce anti-Semitic propaganda and facilitated the recruitment of Bosnian Muslims for Hitler's infamous Waffen-SS.

The Grand Mufti asked Hitler to support Arab independence and oppose the establishment a Jewish nation, as the Mufti remarked of their commonality, "The Arabs were Germany's natural friends because they had the same enemies... namely the English, the Jews, and the Communists." Thus, the most prolific antisemitic propagandist during World War II was a Muslim and his for his work, al-Husseini was paid 50,000 marks per month — the equivalent today of roughly $12,000,000 per year.

The bond between Muslims and Nazis became so profound that on September 2, 1943, Martin Bormann, the head of the Nazi Party Reich Chancellery, announced Hitler’s decision regarding whether or not Muslims and Germans who convert to Islam can be members of the Nazi party. 

In response to questions, the Führer had decided that Germans who are believers in Islam can remain members of the [Nazi Party]. Belief is a personal matter of conscience. Muslims can be members of the [Nazi Party] just as can members of the Christian confessions.

That bit of history aside, for posting the historical photograph on his Facebook page, Stürzenberger was charged with "inciting hatred towards Islam", "denigrating Islam" and "disseminating the propaganda of anti-constitutional organizations." In essence, the German court ruled that history is an "anti-constitutional organization," because it contradicts the state-sponsored narrative that propagandizes Islam as the religion of peace.

"Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past." The slogan of the despotic government in Orwell's fiction is closer to fact than ever before.

Germany has made no secret of its desire to see its new law copied by the rest of the EU, which already has a similar code of conduct for social media giants. The EU Justice Commissioner, Vera Jourova, recently said she might be willing to legislate in the future if the voluntary code of conduct does not produce the desired results. She said, however, that the voluntary code was working “relatively” well, with Facebook removing 66.5% of the material they had been notified was “hateful” between December and May this year. Twitter removed 37.4%, and YouTube took action on 66% of the notifications from users.
— Bergman

The crackdown on thoughtcrime is nothing new for Europeans, Germans in particular. In 2016, before free speech was officially criminalized, the German government detained and interrogated nearly 100 private citizens for perpetrating acts of so-called hate speech on social media. Of course, the vast majority were European men, whose crime it was to speak critically of Islam and Muslim immigrants.

Though European Christians aren't the only ones in the crosshairs. Google's new "Perspective API" (Application Program Interface) registers "Jews control the banks and the media" at a 10 percent chance of being perceived as toxic. On the other hand, "Many terrorists are radical Islamists" registers with Perspective as 92 percent likely to be seen as toxic. 

When she's not deploying police squads to raid the homes of Germans for criminal thoughts, or shoehorning other EU members to do the same, Angela Merkel sells the promise of security to her people. Security is a lie, the German government is unwilling and unable to deport, but Merkel and her toadies peddle the lie for as long as they need to during election crunch time.


When I was in Germany over the summer, I read a report in a local newspaper, the Hamburger Abendblatt, about 175 Muslim immigrants who were processed for deportation. Of 175, only 54 were "expelled" by the German government. The government didn't really give reason for their failure to deport all of them, but astonishingly admitted that several immigrants simply vanished. That was in June and right before I returned to the states in August, 5068 more immigrants were processed and scheduled for deportation. At the last possible moment, after having literally stamped their bus tickets home, the German government granted the 5068 immigrants a "temporary suspension of deportation."

Here's the catch: if an immigrant remains in Germany (they will) after 18 months in this status, they automatically receive a residency permit, thus rendering them permanently immune to deportation. During this suspension period, immigrants are free to move around as they please and given that they don't carry any real form of identification beyond a piece of paper with whatever bogus name they provided, they have every opportunity to vanish into Europe if they don't want to wait out the 18 month period.

Why would Supreme Leader Merkel intentionally offer up her own people to the alter of multiculturalism? Because Merkel thinks Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) "refugees" can be reformed into much needed taxpayers.


Germany, among other European nations, is experiencing a monumental demographic shift, where a large portion of the population is about to phase into retirement. In the city of Hamburg, Germany, alone, one third of the police force is about to phase into retirement and it's not hard to imagine that this is true for most police departments in the Vaterland. To make matters worse, the birth rate among native Germans is abysmally low — Germans just aren't having babies anymore.

Faced with a shortage of working age Germans, Merkel sees the unwashed masses of MENA immigrants as the solution to Germany's workforce manpower shortage and general lack of babies. There's just one problem with Merkel's wretched refuse from yonder teeming shores: they don't care about European economic troubles or culture.

Across six European countries — Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Sweden — the WZB Berlin Social Science Center conducted a survey of 9,000 respondents among persons with a Turkish or Moroccan immigration background, as well as a native comparison group. The Bundestag-funded WZB survey found 60 percent of Muslims believe that a “return to the roots of Islam” is paramount, 75 percent of Muslims accepted “only one interpretation of the Koran,” and 65 percent viewed “religious rules… more important” than domestic laws of Western countries.

The authors of the survey define religious fundamentalism by three widely accepted, key elements: 

  • that believers should return to the eternal and unchangeable rules laid down in the past;
  • that these rules allow only one interpretation and are binding for all believers;
  • that religious rules have priority over secular laws.

The aforementioned "native comparison group" were Christians (70 percent), and respondents of Turkish and Moroccan origin who indicated they were Muslims (96 percent) were "asked about aspects of fundamentalism" that the WZB study measured by the following survey items. The goal here was determining to which degree Christians and Muslims adhere to religious fundamentalism by asking both groups the same questions:

  • “Christians / Muslims should return to the roots of Christianity / Islam"
  • “There is only one interpretation of the Bible / the Koran and every Christian / Muslim must stick to that”
  • “The rules of the Bible / the Koran are more important to me than the laws of [survey country]”

Their findings should shock no one: "religious fundamentalism is not a marginal phenomenon within West European Muslim communities."

Religious fundamentalism among native Christians and Muslim immigrants in Western Europe

It gets worse. Both Christian and Muslim respondents were asked a series of questions to gauge their "out-group hostility," defined as the degree to which they reject or feel hostility toward individuals outside of their group identity:

  • “I don’t want to have homosexuals as friends.”
  • “Jews cannot be trusted.”
  • “Muslims aim to destroy Western culture.” [for natives]
  • “Western countries are out to destroy Islam.” [for persons with a Turkish or Moroccan migration background]

Again, the results should shock no one.

Out-group hostility among native Christians and Muslim immigrants in Western Europe

Given that after three generations, 80 percent of the Turkish are happily living on welfare in Germany, while North Africans have turned Sweden into the rape and grenade attack capital of the West, how well do we suppose the mostly Sunni, mostly fundamentalist Syrian immigrants will fare? We already know, and the outlook is not so good.

According to a study by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis) in Wiesbaden, Germany, of the 538,000 migrants living in Hamburg — a city of approximately 1.79 million — 32 percent have no professional qualifications, compared to just 9 percent among native Germans. So a huge portion of MENA immigrants have no professional qualifications and drop out of school at an alarming rate, but they can just fill in the ranks of the labor market, right? Not quite.

Outside of retail and selling magazines on street corners, most jobs in Western Europe require what is called "dual training," an apprenticeship program in which future laborers attend classes at a vocational school and receive on-the-job training for a period of two to three years before becoming certified in their trade.

That means entering the labor market requires being able to not just read and write the native language, but learning a trade in that language, and if at the end of that training you don't like your career path, you're essentially trapped in that field of work — unless you want to go through another two to three years of training for a different trade.

Even landscaping and construction require dual training, so that means Germans can't just pick up illegal immigrants at Home Depot — like I'm sure you've seen if you live in the Southwestern United States — and pay them for cheap, unskilled labor, because that is very much verboten according to the 1969 Vocational Training Act. This system is so rigid that even Germans have groaned about it creating entry barriers to the workforce and limiting occupational mobility.

In practice, this means MENA — note: MENA, not Polish, Chinese, or Indian — immigrants are topping unemployment charts in Sweden, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy, the U.K., and, well, you get the idea.

The most recent blow to the narrative that MENA immigrants can still heal the European tax problem, after no-go zones and welfare leeching, comes from Denmark.

A tiny, ethnically homogeneous Denmark that tried, really tried, to integrate non-Western immigrants into their nation. How did it go? Worse than you probably just guessed, per Joseph Curl of the Daily Wire,  "A recent study conducted by Denmark’s Ministry of Finance concluded that in 2014, immigrants and their descendants cost Danish taxpayers at net loss of 28 billion Crowns per year," according to the National Economics Editorial. 28 billion Crowns is equivalent to $42 billion.

"Furthermore, when Western immigrants were removed from the equation, the net cost rose to 33kr billion." 33 billion Crowns is equivalent to $50 billion. Here is the full study:

In short: 59 percent of the tax surplus collected from native Danes is spent on ethnic minorities, who are a massive drain on the system.

This would be roughly equivalent to America’s federal government spending $2.1 trillion per year on immigrants—a number so large it defies all logic and reason. ...
Consider that ethnic minorities, who are by definition immigrants to Denmark, represent 84 percent of all welfare recipients, as of 2016.

Denmark also spends inordinate sums on crime committed by immigrants—8 of the 9 ethnic groups most represented in Danish prisons are non-Western immigrant groups, specifically Islamic immigrants.

In fact, non-ethnic Danes are 2-3 times more likely to commit crimes than Danes, and if their crime profile is anything like that of immigrants in Sweden, then it is likely that the crimes they commit are also generally more serious in nature.
Likewise, healthcare costs for immigrants groups are proving significant. For example, 40% of patients in Denmark’s largest mental health hospital have immigrant backgrounds.

Why might this be? Because of the prevalence of consanguineous marriages among Islamic immigrants, which greatly increases the risk of mental health problems.
In fact, when accounting for population, Muslim immigrants to Denmark are over-represented in mental health facilities by 1,300 percent

Regardless of these ancillary statistics, the takeaway point is that non-Western immigration has not benefited Denmark economically, nor has immigration benefited Germany—despite what open-borders advocates claim.

On the other hand, the article points out that ethnic Danes created a surplus of $84 billion in 2014.

Even if European leaders were to wake up to the nightmare they created for their own people, would they be able to do anything about it? As far as Germany and similar EU nations are concerned, no. Not a thing, because unlike the United States, Germany doesn't have Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — besides the Bundeszollverwaltung (Federal Customs Service), which exists to monitor the importing of goods, collect taxes from trade, and do some light police-type work — or even a dedicated Border Patrol. No, the role of ICE and Border Patrol falls squarely in the lap of your average cop in Germany.

Germany is a country of roughly 81 million people and there around 250,000 police officers who split their duties between riots, patrol, station duty, and school safety officers. They also do the work equivalent to our FBI, the Bundeskriminalamt (Federal Criminal Police Office), which employs about 5,200 agents — our FBI employs just over 31,000. Now they are tasked with acting as ICE and Border Patrol, just as one third are getting ready to go into retirement.

Can't Germany just recruit more officers? No, because the pay and work has become so awful that the job is just not attracting the recruits they desperately need, and to make matters worse, it takes at least two years — compared to five to eight months in the U.S. — from start to finish for a recruit to become a police officer in Germany. Of all these things, the same is true for just about every Western European country, though Germany is especially dependent on police because they strictly forbid the military from assisting with internal affairs; whereas non-EU member Norway's border security is enforced by military and police, just like the U.S. military assists Border Patrol. 

To make matters even worse, the laws of the EU hinder member nations from easily deporting immigrants. One of the reasons countries like Germany simply cannot deport immigrants, is that the laws of the EU state that if an immigrant will have their life, liberty, or property placed at risk upon returning to their country of origin, then that immigrant cannot be deported in good conscious. 

One of the easiest ways to avoid deportation is for Muslim immigrants to falsely convert to Christianity. As apostates on paper, they will be faced with death in their Islamic countries of origin, as this is the theological prescription for those who leave Islam. This political conversion to Christianity guarantees that countries like Germany, subject to the laws of the European Union, will not be allowed to deport a Muslim who fakes conversion.

Moreover, countries like Iraq and Afghanistan regularly flat out refuse to receive immigrants processed for deportation. What is Germany going to do even if they can deport them under EU law if Iraq refuses? With few exceptions, European nations that have taken in droves of immigrants from the Islamic world are losing control of their own cities.

 Risk map of the police (right) overlaps with the map of the MENA immigrant distribution (left). The areas with the most MENA immigrants have the most no-go zones, shown in bright red.

Risk map of the police (right) overlaps with the map of the MENA immigrant distribution (left). The areas with the most MENA immigrants have the most no-go zones, shown in bright red.

Germany, France, the U.K.Sweden, Belgium, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, all are experiencing the pestilential proliferation of "no-go zones," areas where authorities are unable to guarantee the safety of non-Muslims, because police themselves aren't safe. In total, across all the European nations that have taken in immigrants from the Islamic world, there are more than 900 no-go zones in which the police have lost control. European authorities aren't just being beaten back by violent Muslims in their own streets, however. Political Islam is in overdrive. 

In 2011, a group called Muslims Against the Crusades initiated a campaign to turn twelve British cities – including what it calls “Londonistan” – into independent Islamic states, or the "Islamic Emirates." The Islamic Emirates in Britain would function autonomously, they would be governed by Islamic (sharia) law, not British law. Senior Fellow at the Gatestone Institute Soeren Kern reports, 

The Islamic Emirates Project names the British cities of Birmingham, Bradford, Derby, Dewsbury, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Luton, Manchester, Sheffield, as well as Waltham Forest in northeast London and Tower Hamlets in East London as territories to be targeted for blanket Sharia rule.

Kern's report gives us a snapshot into the Muslim group's campaign via their public charter:

  •  Chapter 1 states: "The Only Identity for Muslims is Islam … In no shape or form can a Muslim support any form of nationalism such as promoting Britishness."
  • Chapter 4 states: "A Muslim can only abide by Sharia and is not allowed to obey any man-made law."
  • Chapter 5 states: "Muslims must reject secularism and democracy," terms which are "completely alien to Islam and against the basic tenets of Islam."
  • Chapter 10 states: "Every Muslim must call for Sharia to be implemented wherever they are."
  • Chapter 12 states: "It is not allowed for Muslims to integrate with a non-Islamic society."
  • Chapter 13 states: "Muslims should set up Islamic Emirates in the United Kingdom."
  • Chapter 14 states: "Any Muslim who opposed the policies in this pamphlet should be confronted."
  • Chapter 16 states: "Any Muslim who has been affected by the Western way of life need to be rehabilitated."

While the implications of mass immigration from the Islamic world to Europe has always been grim, it was isolated to likes of Belgium, Britain, and Sweden, until the de facto leader of the EU, Germany, strong-armed every member of the European bloc it could into complying with suicidal immigration policy.

Rage Against

Orwell's dystopia is at hand, as EU nations insidiously work with media giants to narrow the corridors of free thought. Benjamin Weingarten writes for the Gatestone Institute

Examples of this kind of censorship abound. In October 2016, for instance, conservative radio host and author Dennis Prager's "PragerU" — which produces five-minute clips presented by leading experts in the fields of economics, politics, national security and culture — announced that more than a dozen of its videos were facing restricted access on YouTube, a subsidiary of Google. In theory, this meant that users who employed the filter for sexually explicit or violent content would be blocked from it.
Among these restricted videos however, were six relating to Islam: "What ISIS Wants," presented by Tom Joscelyn, Senior Fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies; "Why Don't Feminists Fight for Muslim Women?" presented by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, fellow at Stanford's Hoover Institute and Harvard's Belfer Center; "Islamic Terror: What Muslim Americans Can Do," presented by Khurram Dara, a Muslim American activist, author and attorney; "Pakistan: Can Sharia and Freedom Coexist?" and "Why Do People Become Islamic Extremists?" presented by Haroon Ullah, a foreign policy professor at Georgetown University; and "Radical Islam: The Most Dangerous Ideology," presented by Raymond Ibrahim, author of The Al Qaeda Reader.

There are pockets of resistance in Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic — all nations that refuse to go quietly into the night. Now Austria has elected a young right-wing populist who championed the burqa ban and campaigned on having facilitated the shut down of the Balkan route — the primary route by which immigrants travel to Western Europe from Greece and Macedonia.

Poland has unabashedly reminded Europe that it is very much a Catholic nation. The people of Poland chose to export financial, military and humanitarian aid to Syria, rather than importing masses of immigrants — a fact that apparently makes them bigoted to the Left.

The people of the Czech Republic have elected a president who was billed as the "Czech Donald Trump," while creating their own version of the Second Amendment, as the new president believes that his citizens have the right to bear arms and protect themselves against Islamists.

Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s Prime Minister, "has made it clear that Hungary has no intention of caving into pressures from the European Union (EU)" to transmute Hungary into a nation of Muslim immigrants. “Hungary is not an immigrant country, does not want to become an immigrant country and cannot accept being forced to change this," said Orbán in a letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission.

The Polish pray for the salvation of Europe, the Hungarians assert their national sovereignty, and the people of the Czech Republic arm themselves for the coming clash — all are ridiculed, sneered at, even threatened by Merkel and her loathsome sycophants.

There is something to be said about Germany, now a mostly secular nation, with a people who have been shamed into cultural dispossession for the sins of their forefathers — as if Hitler was the only madman who ever lived. Their government quite literally pays them — begs them — to have children, but the Germans just don't care anymore. There is no culture beyond what has been consigned to the ashes history, the ghosts of the World Wars are chained to the back of every citizen, ensuring that the civic, patriotic German will remain forever entombed.

I am reminded of a speech Dennis Prager gave about the Left's threat to Western Civilization at the David Horowitz Freedom Center's honoring Dr. Robert Shillman in Newport Coast, California, back in August.

In his impassioned speech, Prager, a man who is no stranger to Christian antisemitism but understands the critical role of Judeo-Christian belief in preserving the West, said that people will continue to have children for as long as they believe "their civilization needs to continue."

"But in Western Europe there is no belief," he says before going on to quote Douglas Murray, an atheist, "The death of Judeo-Christian values is the death of Europe." We are witnessing the Left facilitate the population replacement of secular European nations with True Believers, a people whose group belief runs so feverish they are willing to kill and die for it.

The last two saviors of Europe weren't secularists, Charles Martel and Jan Sobieski III were Catholics. Against the dying light, Westerners may want to reconsider taking up the rosary, or perhaps the shield.

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